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Sensero host workshop for Statnett

Wednesday 29. August Sensero hosted a workshop for the Corporate Strategy and Communication department in Statnett.

Statnett is the system operator in the Norwegian energy system. This means operating about 11 000km of high-voltage power lines and 150 stations all over Norway. Operations are monitored by one national control center and three regional centers. Statnett is also responsible for the connections to Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Statnett is a state enterprise, established under the Act relating to state-owned enterprises and owned by the Norwegian state through the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Throughout the workshop, we focused on rapidly identifying problems and solutions within their organization in an innovative way. Not surprisingly many of the groups identified the same overarching problems and went home with a long list of potential solutions to these problems.

Sensero wants to thank Statnett for attending this workshop with us!

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