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Sensero wins pitch-competition at Innovation Night

Innovation Night.jpg

Innovation Night was arranged on Monday, the 7th of May at NTNU. It was an evening organized by Climate Launchpad, and the courses Venture Cup and Technology based business development at NTNU. All the startups that had any affiliation with any of these three got the opportunity to partake in a pitching-competition with a grand-price of NOK 10,000.

A total of 16 startups participated in the competition and presented their 90-second pitches for the panel, consisting of Ian Mashiter and Peter Marton from Boston University. Sensero proceeded to the finals together with four other businesses and got to present a 3-minute pitch for the panel.  

Sensero went all the way to the top, and received the cash-price of NOK 10,000!

Dag Drejer